Director’s notes

I met for the first time the Gastaldi family in 1995, at the beginning of my college. In their house there is plenty of pictures of a young man with a goatee looking at me confidently: “That’s uncle Aldo”.

Aldo Galstaldi: under the nickname ‘Bisagno’ had been the commander of the Garibaldi Division “Cichero”.

“First Partisan of Italy” is written in the road sign of the avenue named after him.

Giacomo Gastaldi was 13 on May 21st 1945 when he knew about his older brother death. For decades he collected documents, pictures and witnesses to throw some light on his brother’s life during the fight for freedom time. In 2009 Bisagno’s nephew proposed to me to study the huge archive collected by his father Giacomo.

Together we met the last few partisans still alive and we entered the peasants’ houses where Bisagno’s pictures seats side by side with those of closest relatives. A silent listening to those who embraced the Resistance through suffering, and ended up having it stolen by the official history.

So, after 70 years, we also crossed the same straight and confident eyes. And one more time he scored.